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08 December 2010 09:44 Age: 9 yrs

Inaugural Meeting

The first meeting was held on Wednesday 8th December 2010, at the PBS Laboratory (UMR 6270) in Mont-Saint-Aignan (France).

The project manager Laurent Lebrun accompanied by Philippe Moguerou (Université de Rouen), Thierry Jouenne (CNRS), Nassrédine Kébir, (INSA de Rouen), Claire Héllio and Ghezlane Iddaoud (University of Portsmouth), Samuel Lesart (JTS Interreg), Céline Secchi (Alma Consulting) et Yannick Lerat (Centre Européen de Valorisation des Algues, CEVA) were present at the meeting.
The meeting of the steering committee allowed a better knowledge of the partners, a presentation of the financial and administrative management, and the definition of the communication tools.
The technical meeting has specified the scientific aims of the project and the short term work packages. Each partner presented its activities in relation with the project. A visit of the PBS Laboratory was organised.