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University of Rouen, UMR CNRS 6270


The UMR CNRS 6270 (Polymers, Biopolymers, Surfaces) is a research unit of the CNRS, the University of Rouen and INSA of Rouen. The laboratory has three main research axes:

  • Transport into polymers

  • Cell-surfaces interactions

  • Colloids and agro-materials

The partner University of Rouen is involved in these three fields of research. 


Role/activity of the entity in the project:

In the GIMS project the partner University of Rouen has several objectives:

  1. To functionalize polymer or metallic materials by the molecules extracted from algae and identified as potentially antibiofilm.

  2. To perform antibiofilm tests.

  3. To identify the molecular mechanisms involved in the antibiofilm activities by proteomic approaches.

  4. To perform viral filtration experiments on non-woven materials functionalized par by the molecules extracted from algae.

Key people involved in the project:

Dr Laurent LEBRUN
Age : 47
Lecturer at University of Rouen
Co-author of more 35 publications in international journals

Education training
1993: University of Rouen, PhD Physical Chemistry
2006: University of Rouen, HDR, Physical Chemistry

Positions and employment 
1987-1988 --> Operator: Cofaz Co.- Rogerville (Fr) ; Lubrizol Co.-Oudalle (Fr) - (8 months)
1988 --> Technician in Lab: Goodyear – Sandouville (Fr) (8 months)
1989-1991 --> Researcher (thesis grant) - Mont-Saint-Aignan (Fr)
1993 --> Assistant (University of Rouen)
1994-1995 --> Teacher in Mathematics (College Providence Miséricorde Rouen) (8 months)
1995 - today --> Lecturer (University of Rouen)

Publications/recent patents :

Filtre antivirale et son utilisation dans un purificateur d’air, climatiseur ou humidificateur.
L. Lebrun, Q. T. Nguyen
Brevet français FR06/06591 déposé le 16 juillet 2006, publié le 25 janvier 2008.

Mercury removal from wastewater using a poly(vinylalcohol)/poly(vinylimidazole) complexing membrane
H. Bessbousse, T. Rhlalou , J.-F. Verchère, L. Lebrun
Chemical engineering Journal : 164 (2010)37-48

Carbohydrate-resorcinarene complexes involved in the facilitated transport of alditols across the supported liquid membrane
M. Hlaïbi, N. Tbeur, A. Benjjar, O. Kamal, L. Lebrun
Journal of Membrane Science 377 (2011) 231-240

Study of water behaviour of chemically treated flax fibres based composites: a way to approach the hydric interface
S. Alix, L. Lebrun, C. Morvan, S. Marais
Composite Science and Technology: 71 (6) (2011) 893-899

New material for airborne viruses filtration
G. Tilliket, D. Le Sage, V. Moules, M. Rosa-Calatrava, B. Lina, J.-M. Valleton, Q. T. Nguyen, L, Lebrun
Chemical Engineering Journal, 173 (2011) 341-351

Pectinase treatments of technical fibres of flax: effect on water sorption and mechanical properties.
Alix S, Lebrun L, Marais S, Philippe E., Bourmard A,, Baley C, Morvan C.
Carbohydrate Polymer: 87(2012)177-185


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