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University of Portsmouth – School of Biological Sciences

Combining the expertise from the various disciplines, the researchers at the School co-operate to address some of the key environmental and medical issues that we face in the new century, and to advance our knowledge of biological processes.
The School of Biological Sciences has an established international reputation for both fundamental and applied research. Over 30 academic staff, more than 60 postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers and undergraduate project students are engaged in the research programmes. Our research activities cover a wide range of interests from the molecular level to the environment, reflecting the complexity of the modern biological sciences.
The School attracts funding from many sources including industry, Research Councils, The Wellcome Trust, Leverhulme Trust, Cancer Research UK, government agencies and the European Union, totalling many millions of pounds.

Role/activity of the entity in the project:

Our main role regarding this project is to evaluate the bioactivity of new marine natural products obtained from algae. Our lab-based bioassays target marine organisms involved in biofouling of marine structures. For this purpose, the organisms studied are bacteria, fungi, microalgae, macroalgae and invertebrates). Particular attention is given to the adhesion inhibition.
Human and marine pathogenic microorganisms such as Staphyloccocus and Vibrios, are also utilised in areas of research.


Key people involved in the project :


Principal Investigator: Dr Claire Hellio, Reader in Environmental Microbiology
Senior Research Technician: Jo Pope, Microbiologist
Research Associate: Rozenn Trepos (Bsc, Msc), Marine Natural Product Chemist


Publications/recent patents :

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