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Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, UMR CNRS 6270

The UMR CNRS 6270 (Polymères, Biopolymères, Surfaces) is a research unit of the CNRS, The University of Rouen and INSA of Rouen. The laboratory has three main research axes :

  • Transport into polymers

  • Cell-surfaces interactions

  • Agro-matérials

The objectives of the team are the identification of molecular mechanisms involved in the biofilm formation and sessile cell resistance, and the elaboration of antiadhesive and/or biocidal surfaces to fight against biofilm formation.

Role/activity of the entity in the project:

In the GIMS project the team investigates the feasibility to use marine molecules identified as potentially antibiofilm agents, for the elaboration of antiadhesive and/or biocidal surfaces. At the fundamental level, the team tries to identify the molecular mechanisms involved in this antibiofilm activity. To this aim, proteomic approaches will be used to characterize proteins which are accumulated or under-expressed by bacteria in the presence of these marine molecules.


Key people involved in the project :


Dr Thierry JOUENNE
Age : 52
Research Director at the CNRS
Co-author of more 135 publications in international journals

Education training
1984: University of Rouen, PhD cellular Biology
1992: University of Rouen PhD, Biophysico-chemistry
1995: University of Rouen, HDR, Cellular Biology

Positions and employment
1981-1984 Contractor researcher, Municipal Laboratory, Le Havre, FRANCE
1986 Contractor Researcher, URA 500 CNRS, Mont-saint-Aignan, FRANCE
1986-2001 Researcher CNRS, URA 500, Mont-Saint-Aignan
1991-1992: Post-Doctoral position, Institute of Plant Sciences, Gif-sur-Yvette., FRANCE
2001-present Research Director CNRS, UMR 6522, Mont-Saint-Aignan, FRANCE
2002-present Scientific Director of the Proteomic Platform of the European Institute of Peptide Research, ROUEN, FRANCE
2010- Assistant Director of the “Polymers, Biopolymers, membranes” laboratory, UMR 6270 CNRS, University of Rouen, FRANCE
2012 Director of the “Polymers, Biopolymers, membranes” laboratory, UMR 6270 CNRS, University of Rouen, FRANCE


Publications/recent patents :

GLINEL, K., JONAS, A.M., JOUENNE, T. LEPRINCE, J., GALAS, L.  and W. T. S. HUCK Antibacterial and Antifouling Polymer Brushes Incorporating antimicrobial peptide. Bionconj. Chem., 2009, 20: 71-77

NIGAUD, Y., COSETTE, P., COLLET, A., CHAN TCHI SONG, P., VAUDRY, D., VAUDRY, H., JUNTER, G.A. and T. JOUENNE. Biofilm-induced modifications in the proteome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa planktonic cells. BBA - Proteins and Proteomics, 2010, 1804 : 957-966.

CATEL-FERREIRA, M., COADOU G., MOLLE V., MUGNIER P., NORDMANN P., SIROY A., JOUENNE T and  E. DE. Structure-Function relationships of CarO, the carbapenem resistance-associated outer membrane protein of Acinetobacter baumannii. J. Antimicrob. Chemother, 2011 : 66 : 2053-2056..

KELLENBERGER, C., LEONE, P., COQUET, L., JOUENNE, T., REICHHART J.-M. and A. ROUSSEL. Structure-function analysis of grass clip serine protease involved in Drosophila toll pathway activation. J. Biol. Chem., 2011, 286: 12300-12307.

MARTI, S., NAIT-CHABANE, Y., ALEXANDRE, S., COQUET, L., VILA, J., JOUENNE, T. and E. DE. Growth of Acinetobacter baumannii in pellicle enhanced the expression of potential virulence factors. Plos one, 2011, 6: 1-11 (e26030).

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