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INTERREG TransChannel Program France – England

GIMs Project - « Green Intelligent Materials »




The project ended in December 2013.
The final activities and results, conferences presentations and posters are available in the Press room


The aim of this project is to set up a trans-Channel Centre for the elaboration of green intelligent “smart” biomaterials.

The functionalization of surfaces by biocidal molecules, active against biofilms, is a challenge for the development of biomedical materials and of new micro-organisms barrier materials for applications to packaging. We plan to develop strategies for the functionalization of polymeric materials by biomolecules from marine origin, in order to modify the interactions between micro-organisms and these polymer surfaces.

Our actions will target both the support and the cell. We will work on polymer supports by modifying their surface and we will study the influence of the modifications on microorganism adhesion.


The strategies developed to functionalize material surfaces will take two strategie

the first one is to improve the adhesion of cells to the support, in order to prevent bacterial proliferation;

the second one consists to prevent the growth of micro-organisms by using natural biocides or anti-biofilm molecules (polysaccharides and peptides produced from algae).


Our goal will be to prepare barrier materials for cells (antiviral or antibacterial) with applications in the field of biomaterials or packaging (activity promoted by the “Cosmetic Valley” French Competitiveness Center).

The strategies developed for micro-organisms will be more fundamental. We will study the modifications of the cellular physiology when the micro-organisms are fixed, according to both stategies for support modification.

This project will enable us to share knowledge and complementary expertises of the partners to develop new support modification technologies, to screen new molecules able to inhibit biofilm formation or to improve biofilm formation, and to carry out fundamental research on the mechanisms of biofilm synthesis.

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04 March 2014 15:27

The final GIMs newsletter is now available

GIMs project is now ended. You can read its final Newsletter.

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